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Student Loans

76% of all undergraduate students at Penn State receive one or more types of student aid including grants, work-study, scholarships and federal direct loans. Student loans are awarded to eligible students and parents of dependent students.  Student loans are borrowed funds that must be paid back with interest.  You need to fully understand your student aid to make more informed financial decisions in regards to borrowing funds.  You will need to plan your finances for all the years you plan on being a student to get an overall summary of the total cost.  Your college education is an investment in your future; hence, you need to calculate the return on investment as you make major decisions in regards to your educational planning.

Always begin with the end in mind; this will help you understand the impact of your student loan borrowing and spending habits.  Consider the future earning potential in your field of study and calculate your future potential ability to pay back loan debt after completing your education.

For more information on your student aid eligibility, refer to  Also check our recorded presentations and hands-on worksheet exercises.