Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance

The Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance (HEFWA) is a network of professionals and institutions driven to advancing student success through financial wellness.


Penn State University has an institutional membership to HEFWA. All staff, faculty, and students have access to Alliance resources at no additional cost. Monthly webinars and masterclasses are available to members as well as discounted prices to attend the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit held in July every year. We encourage all members of the Penn State community to explore HEFWA resources and events on their website: www.hefwa.org/ . If you have any questions about membership and would like to connect with campus administrators about our collaboration with the alliance, please email the Sokolov Miller Familiy Financial and Life Skills Center: finlit@psu.edu

How do I create my own HEFWA account?

Penn-State sub account link - Please use this link for those who would like to be added and the main Penn State HEFWA account. As Penn State has an active institutional membership, these sub-accounts are totally free. 

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