One-On-One Coaching for Faculty, Staff and Alumni

Penn State faculty and staff can participate in presentations, webinars, workshops and many programs offered by the Sokolov Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center. The Center only offers individual coaching appointments through Starfish for currently enrolled students. General one on one coaching for employees is offered through Penn State's partnership with PNC Banking. Individual coaching is one of many PNC services offered to staff and faculty through their employee benefits.

Faculty and staff who want to schedule an individual appointment should email PNC for more information: .

Alumni of Penn State are welcome participate in all of our services after they graduate. For recent graduates who still have access to Starfish, the best way to schedule an individual session is by finding the Financial and Life Skills Center on Starfish and booking an appointment. If you no longer have access to your student account, please email with your name, availability, and topic you would like to discuss with a coach.

For help with Public Service Loan Forgiveness faculty, staff, and alumni can email to set up an appointment. Center staff have dedicated time on Thursdays and Fridays for PSLF consultations. 

Helping Students Return to Student Loan Repayment

Helping Students Return to Student Loan Repayment, HEFWA Webinar July 27 2023

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Interested in Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

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