Money and Relationships

Money is both a personal and an emotional topic. Talking about money can be stressful for many people, and it is almost never only about money. Culturally, we are comfortable discussing our health, personal, professional, and social lives, and even our intimate relations more easily than discussing money situations. In a relationship, matters of the wallet can be just as important as matters of the heart. After all, money decisions impact every relationship, from the newlywed days of getting a joint bank account and sharing a home to the retirement phase. Having a partner by your side can be a great help in achieving financial stability and retirement readiness, but first, you both must have the often daunting "money talk." For any relationship to succeed, it is critical to have open, candid, and honest conversations about relationships with money.

The Money and Relationships self-study module provides useful tips for learning to initiate money talk to preserve relationships and finance.

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