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Julie Heaton

Julie Heaton

Julie Heaton is Director of the Penn State Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the College of William & Mary, VA, a Master of Public Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health Administration from the University of Montana. Hailing from the central Appalachians, she began her work in financial literacy while employed by a domestic violence prevention non-profit in rural North Carolina. The experience helping victims rebuild their lives financially revealed to her the ability of financial literacy to self-empower and improve wellbeing. Since then, her work and research has focused on how to make financial education accessible, affordable, and inclusive for all learners. Before coming to Penn State, Julie taught personal finance at the University of Montana and served as Director of the University of Montana’s Financial Education Program. Julie is committed to putting student success at the center of her work and hopes to share with the Penn State community the strength that can be achieved through financial fitness.

Meghan McMullen

Meghan McMullen is the Administrative Support Assistant for the Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center. She is originally from the Finger Lakes, NY and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies with minors in English and Women’s Studies from Manfield University, PA. She has previously worked as a bank teller and a legal assistant. She believes that financial literacy is essential for people of all ages to learn. Meghan is excited to belong to a team that will help the Penn State Community toward financial freedom and empowerment. 

Sarah E. Metzger

Sarah Metzger is an Education Program Specialist of the Penn State Sokolov-Miller Family Financial & Life Skills Center. She is a native of Chicagoland and holds a B.A. in Secondary Education from DePaul University and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University. Sarah has over a decade of experience teaching learners in secondary, post-secondary, and professional settings. She specializes in instructional design and delivery, support for learners, and educational technology. As lead presenter, Sarah oversees the workshop and first-year seminar programs and currently hosts the bimonthly MoneyCounts webinar series. She is committed to helping Penn State students meet their financial and academic goals through customized, authentic learning experiences. 

Becky Moore

Becky Moore is an Education Program Specialist of the Penn State Sokolov-Miller Family Financial & Life Skills Center. She is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor who earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Millersville University and her master’s in Educational Curriculum Development from Wilkes University. Becky has worked in education since 2010 and embraces being a life-long learner.  Becky is now spearheading the one-on-one appointments with students and works alongside the staff to fully-develop and nurture the peer-to-peer program.  Becky believes in her students and encourages them to set goals and be the best version of themselves.

Sarah DeWolfe

Sarah DeWolfe is an Education Program Specialist of the Penn State Sokolov-Miller Family Financial & Life Skills Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Master’s in Social Work from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Sarah is now spearheading the mentoring program and liaising with the Commonwealth campuses to promote financial literacy programs and services across the University.  Sarah is dedicated to helping Penn State Students understand financial literacy as an integral part of their well-being and success, in college and beyond.


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