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Wages and Taxes

If your aim is to understand your current tax deduction or to learn how to maximize the benefits in your future employment, Wages and Tax Fundamentals workshop and/or webinar explains deductions and withholding that include federal, state, city and local income taxes, Social Security and Medicare, your pre-taxed retirement contributions, and your employer match to your retirement savings, medical, health, life, dental and dependent insurances for you and your family. This knowledge will help you take advantage of all credits and deductions that help lower your individual tax liability.  As a student, you need to fully understand education tax benefits.  The federal government allows you to receive tax credits, deductions, and savings plans that can help with your college expenses. Deductions reduce the amount of your income that is taxable while credits can reduce the amount of income tax liability.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service provides a wealth of information on individual and other tax topics.  Use the withholding calculator to verify your individual taxes.

Check out if you qualify for a free service to file income tax.