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Annual Conference on Financial Education – Reaching the “UNREACHABLE”

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Reaching the “UNREACHABLE” – How to promote financial literacy for remote access and online learning population

Description:  Universities in the USA are changing in demographics, learning styles, and modalities.  Typical campus environment of 18-24 year old students is making room for non-traditional students and online learners.  In addition to a centralized campus, universities are building branches, and learning hubs across the state and the nation to serve diverse population.  Hence, delivering financial literacy education effectively to all audiences is facing many challenges and requiring the development of progressive strategies to reach the “Unreachable”.  This special presentation is brought to you by Penn State to explore conventional and not so conventional strategies to accommodate the diversity of Penn State Students in delivering financial education to promote financial security and freedom.

Presented to the Annual Conference on Financial Education (ACFE)

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